Let's be honest: not every part of the job can be fun. Almost every job involves the usual hard work and fiddling around, from creating PDFs to sending newsletters. This so-called “monkey work” is just as necessary as it is frustrating. But what if you simply outsource these tasks to an all-in-one marketing cloud? – in order to then focus on the really important tasks? A plea for automation.

Das Problem Monkey Work

When people talk about “monkey work” in the workplace, they typically mean repetitive, mundane but important tasks. This could be entering values ​​into Excel spreadsheets, forwarding emails or transcribing meeting notes. Basically valuable tasks that do not require much concentration or intellect.

At the same time, mistakes in these tasks are potentially catastrophic. Employees want to be challenged and motivated at work. Monkey work, on the other hand, almost by its very nature provokes mistakes. But it still has to be done. What can we do?

Here you can access the All-In-One Marketing Cloud

Automated to the goal

The big keyword is automation. This increasingly used term describes the transfer of (production) processes from humans to artificial intelligence. Most people experience automation in their everyday lives without noticing it.

The email from Zalando after a purchase, thanking you and repeating the delivery date and product selection? That's an example of automation. And beyond shopping: thanks to the latest technologies and software, it's possible to delegate much, if not all, of the everyday “monkey work.”

The easy Marketing Cloud is an all-in-one marketing cloud that combines all of these annoying tasks. Newsletters and reports that have already been created can be sent automatically. Data is automatically imported and exported. At the same time, data can also be automatically adjusted; for example, to create invoices.

The upcoming diverse 1-click interfaces – for example to Google, LinkedIn and Meta – connect easily across platforms. All of these are tasks that would normally have to be carried out meticulously and slowly by human hands. With the easy Marketing Cloud, this is no longer necessary.

It is important to note that automation is not intended to replace workers, but to support them. Artificial intelligence has much narrower limits than human intelligence. In short, it is worth giving computers work that is “too valuable” to use up human time. The most important and valuable resource for people is time. Automation helps to conserve this resource.

The resources that are freed up open up numerous possibilities: further training, upskilling and adapted role models are at the forefront. Many concerns about artificial intelligence are not unfounded, but are simply short-sighted. Instead of becoming a job killer, AI can lead to people being trained differently.

A step into the future with an all-in-one marketing cloud

Everyone knows about “monkey work” in the workplace – but that doesn't mean that it has to dominate your everyday work routine. With the right software to automate tedious, tedious work, employees have more time for what really counts: valuable work, further training and jokes in the coffee kitchen.

Here you can access the All-In-One Marketing Cloud

Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2024/06/11/monkey-work-automatisierung-easy-marketing-all-in-one-marketing-cloud/

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