Electronics manufacturer Bosch and the software company IBM want to use a supercomputer to advance electromobility. The two companies hope that a quantum computer will help discover alternative materials for batteries and motors.

A change is currently taking place in the mobility sector. More and more combustion engines are disappearing from the streets. Instead, electric vehicles replace dirty petrol and diesel engines and thus make a valuable contribution to climate protection. But how can the increasing demand for electric motors and batteries be met in the long term?

More and more companies in the automotive industry are asking themselves the same question. While many manufacturers are entering into partnerships to ensure the supply of materials, automotive supplier Bosch is now going one step further. Because the company announced a partnership with IBM to advance electromobility using a quantum computer.

Electromobility: Supercomputer to develop new battery for Bosch and IBM

Bosch is joining IBM’s quantum network so that quantum computers can develop alternative materials for motors and electric car batteries in the future. The teams of both companies are pursuing the plan to develop a new type of battery that uses substitute materials.

Because the lack of availability of raw materials in particular is delaying the progress of electromobility. A quantum computer should simulate different compositions and optimize existing technologies. The computing power of the supercomputer should meanwhile make up for many years of research.

Not only batteries play an increasingly important role

The end result should in turn be a battery that competes with previous models and quickly reaches market maturity. In addition, the focus at Bosch is not exclusively on energy storage. After all, magnets are playing an increasingly important role in electric motors.

If everything goes according to plan, the company wants to develop new types of magnets in the long term that are lighter, smaller, more efficient and more widely available. Sustainability also plays a role in this. By saving material and recycling old components, raw materials are to be saved massively, which ultimately benefits the environment again.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2022/11/16/elektromobilitaet-quantencomputer-bosch-ibm/

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