The AI-supported software from the Munich startup Twaice analyzes the condition of batteries and provides recommendations for optimal use.

It’s the trend topic of the year: artificial intelligence. With the hype surrounding ChatGPT, the technology seems to have finally arrived in the middle of society. But AI can do much more than just chat – in Germany alone there are more than 300 startups whose products and services are based on it. We present six exciting examples from different sectors here.

Health: Vara from Berlin

Experts see particularly great potential for artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector. For example, the Berlin startup Vara has developed intelligent software that supports doctors in evaluating breast cancer screenings. The AI ​​analyzes patients’ X-rays and sorts out unequivocally healthy findings based on a global database so that medical professionals can focus on the more difficult cases.

In order for the software to reliably recognize even the smallest potential signs, it is trained with millions of recordings and the results are checked by specialists. After a financing round of 6.5 million euros in June 2020, the founders Jonas Muff and Stefan Bunk collected another 4.5 million euros last year. The investors include the industry expert Think.Health, the Swiss VC VI Partners and the Plug and Play Fund from the USA.


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