There are already many smart products on the market that replace normal wallets. With one drawback: you can usually store your cards in them to save space, but there is no space for cash and keys. This is exactly what the modular wallet Lockcard Wallet+ changes. We tested the product from “The Lion’s Den”.

As a first step, let’s take a look at what card holders actually are and what advantages and disadvantages they have in everyday use.

Card holder vs regular wallet

Basically, cardholders have some distinct advantages that make them popular with many people. These include these advantages:

  1. Smaller and lighter: Card holders tend to be smaller and lighter than regular wallets. This makes them more comfortable to carry and take up less space in bags.
  2. Better organization: Card holders are basically designed to only hold cards. That means you can find exactly what you need quickly and easily.
  3. Preis: Card holders are often less expensive than regular wallets, making them a great choice for those on a budget or who just prefer a simple and functional option.

However, card holders have the big disadvantage that, as the name suggests, I can only store my cards in them. But if I also want to transport some cash and always have a key with me, a bag is usually required to stow all things safely.

Especially for people who like to travel without a handbag or backpack, it is often uncomfortable that they have to carry their cards, money and keys in trouser and jacket pockets.

Lockcard Test: The modular wallet for cards, coins and keys

The Lockcard start-up consists of three students who were looking for a space-saving way to store their dorm keys of different shapes, thicknesses and sizes in their wallets.

You didn’t want to constantly carry a bulky bunch of keys to sports, shopping or a party for two keys. That’s why they developed Lockgard. We tested the Lockcard Wallet+ modular wallet from The Lion’s Den ourselves to find out just how practical the product really is.

delivery and packaging

The Lockcard Wallet+ comes in a small packing box. The first impression is very positive, because the company does not use unnecessary plastic packaging. Lockcard manages to pack the product in an environmentally friendly and safe way at the same time.

The Lockcard Wallet+ is delivered in an environmentally friendly way.

processing and design

The design of the Lockcard Wallet+ is very minimalistic and cannot be compared to conventional wallet designs, which are often playful and ornate. Lockcard is therefore wonderfully suitable for all friends of clear edges and few embellishments.

The Lockcard Wallet is made of two plastic plates, which appear robust at first glance, and a high-quality elastic fabric strap that holds the plates together.


Modularity, also known as the building block principle, is the division of an entire system into individual subsystems. This is exactly the principle of the Lockcard Wallet+. Depending on which product you choose, the modular wallet comes with a coin compartment that offers space for bills and six coins.

Lockcard Wallet + Module

The different modules

If six coins aren’t enough for you, you can buy an extra coin plate that can hold up to 12 coins. With a weight of only 20g, the Lockcard Wallet+ is very light and also offers space for up to 15 cards.

There is space for up to two keys in the keyplate. This saves you having to take a bunch of keys with you. Regardless of whether the key head is round or square, the main thing is that the key thickness is max. 3 mm.

Since the Lockcard Wallet+ contains the most important documents, you can use the Coverplate Airtag to store an Apple Airtag practically directly in your modular wallet.

To always know where your lock card is at home, there is the wallet holder. You attach the Lockcard magnet holder to the wall, cupboard or door with an adhesive dot. Thanks to the magnet, the lock card always stays in a fixed place.

Wallet Holder

The Lockcard Wallet Holder

Lockcard prices

The Lockcard Wallet+ we tested, in which you can store your cards, your coins and your keys and where you can practically stow your wallet with the magnetic holder, is priced at 29.99 euros. If you are only interested in the wallet, you pay 19.99 euros.

You pay EUR 9.99 individually for the magnetic holder, EUR 9.99 for the individual key compartment, EUR 9.99 for the cover plate Airtag and EUR 7.99 for the larger compartment for more coins. Compared to other wallets, the Lockcard Wallet+ is priced in the lower range.

Lockcard in “The Lion’s Den”: This is how the wallet works

The founders of Lockcard can be seen in the next season of The Lion’s Den, introducing the lions to their modular wallet. You can see how the founders are doing and whether there will be a deal on April 3, 2023.

Conclusion on Lockcard: A good alternative if you have little space

The Lockcard Wallet+, known from The Lion’s Den, is a great way to carry your most important cards, some cash and up to two keys. In particular, people who like to travel without a bag or backpack can save space in their trouser and jacket pockets with the Lockcard Wallet+.

However, getting used to it from a normal wallet to the Lockcard Wallet+ is not easy. You have to get used to how the individual modules are postponed and this saves time. For us, the daily use of the Lockcard Wallet+ is out of the question. However, when we are on the go and have little space or don’t want to take a bag with us, we will use the modular wallet regularly in the future.

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