Artificial intelligence also offers many new opportunities for (prospective) founders. However, anyone who wants to found an AI startup should do so as soon as possible.
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This is a guest post by Andreas Schrade. He is CEO and founder of Gate5, an IT agency focused on new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). Here he highlights new AI startup opportunities for (aspiring) founders.

How do you recognize a good startup idea? According to Peter Thiel, the success concept is “Monopoly for a while”: Don’t enter the competition (and go under), but start with something new; Be a pioneer and win. The co-founder of Paypal and early investor in Facebook describes this approach in his book “Zero To One”. And this is exactly what AI should offer particularly great potential for.

Roland Berger's study on megatrends says: AI will be dominant until 2050 and will grow 24-fold by 2030 alone. Anyone who uses AI technology to solve problems that were previously impossible to solve or could only be solved very expensively is hitting the nerve of companies. Because they are ready to invest in AI technology.

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