Until now, many people have been wondering what Tesla's Cybertruck will look like from the inside. Before the first delivery on November 30, 2023, some images of the interior appeared on various social media platforms.

Some probably still remember the “failed” presentation of the Cybertruck four years ago, in which the windows of the spacey Tesla SUV shattered. Numerous delays, speculations and reports later, the time has finally come at the end of November 2023: the first Cybertrucks are to be delivered.

But while most people have now seen the vehicle's tank-like exterior design, the interior has largely remained a mystery. Tesla's official Cybertruck media gallery only contains a few concept images. A social media leak now seems to show real pictures.

What does the Cybertruck look like from the inside?

X-User YYDS released “some new pictures of Tesla’s Cybertruck.” They feature smooth and bright fittings, a large touchscreen and a rather reserved design. Additionally, the steering wheel appears to be rectangular – matching the exterior of the truck.

Some of the images show different menu settings. For example, the control for the tonneau cover or the vehicle's suspension. The steering, mirrors, headlights, windows and child locks can apparently also be operated via the touchpad.

In addition to the details from the cockpit, the glass roof of the Cybertruck can also be seen in another picture. It appears to be located mostly above the rear seats. Finally there is also a photo that shows the trunk. However, it seems to be rather small for the general size of the truck.

As the overlays in the bottom right corner of the pictures show, they probably originally come from China. They first appeared on the Weibo platform on the profile of the user Xiaohongshu.

Little details are known about the Cybertruck

There was another one last week X-Post by user Jeremy Judkins. He published a video showing the cockpit of the Cybertruck, the back seat and how the truck bed cover works.

He wrote: “Tesla is revoking invitations to the Cybertruck event for everyone who posted this video.” He also noted that it would be in bad taste to spread something like that just before a big event. However, he continues to write that he will not go there.

Thanks to the leaks, more is now apparently known about the interior design of the Cybertruck. However, it is not entirely clear whether they are real. However, the technical details of the vehicle remain a mystery. Just a few details advertising space show that the electric car should have a payload of around 1.1 tons and a trailer load of almost five tons.

However, there is still no precise information about the drive and the batteries. They will probably not be aired until delivery on November 30, 2023.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/11/23/neue-bilder-cybertruck-von-innen/

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