Ex-Tesla manager and founder of the startup 1Komma5: Philipp Schröder.
Sonnen GmbH / Christoph Neumann

Philipp Schröder has a top job to offer. The ex-Tesla manager is looking for a Chief Technology Officer for his climate startup 1Komma5. This or that person should take care of the management of the development team and, above all, ensure that Schröder’s high-flying plans become reality. “Write to me or suggest candidates in the comments!” the founder wrote in a LinkedIn post. It is the last vacant management position that Schröder has to fill in his company.

A good year ago, the 38-year-old started at 1point 5. The goal of the Hamburg startup is already indicated in the name: Schröder wants to put the climate policy project of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees into practice. According to him, this works best with electrician companies. Schröder buys them for cash and company shares, modernizes them with iPads and sends the craftsmen to the households of the Federal Republic. Lean and centrally controlled by software.

Schröder dreams of a virtual power plant

There they install heat pumps, charging stations, solar systems and electricity storage – everything that is needed for the energy transition. Eventually, all of these devices will be networked with each other. 1Komma5 customers can even sell their electricity to other households. This would create a virtual power plant beyond power companies such as Eon or RWE. “Like Tesla,” explains Schröder.

Source: https://www.businessinsider.de/gruenderszene/technologie/philipp-schroeder-1komma5-organigramm-e/

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