With the Zerofy app you can calculate your personal carbon footprint and thus reduce your carbon footprint. The basis for this is formed by your everyday habits and your credit card account.

In order to mitigate the effects of climate change, we must reduce our emissions. Theoretically, everyone can contribute to this. Because the more people reduce their carbon footprint, the lower the emission of greenhouse gases. But how high are the emissions from each and every one of us?

The Zerofy app wants to bring this closer to you. The company of the same name wants to show that we can’t just save the climate by reforesting forests.

Because everyone stays with a car with a combustion engine, we would have to reserve huge areas for climate protection. In order to determine the individual CO2 footprint, the Zerofy algorithm uses all kinds of data.

Zerofy: With this app you can calculate your carbon footprint

Based on your mobility settings and the distance covered, Zerofy calculates how much CO2 you emit into the environment. The app also tracks eating habits, because a vegetarian eats much more environmentally friendly than a person who regularly eats meat. And then there is the connection with your credit card account.

Because if you give Zerofy access to your transactions, the app analyzes and assigns appropriate ratings. A purchase in an organic shop is therefore more sustainable than in a discounter. Depending on your balance sheet, Zerofy also suggests various actions that can help you perform better in the long term.

CO2 footprint: 70 percent of emissions are generated in the home

In addition to installing solar panels for homeowners, landlords can invest in solar technology, for example. If you cannot install a power plant yourself, you can use the app to reduce emissions elsewhere. In the long term, Zerofy could have a positive impact on the carbon footprint.

Because about 70 percent of global emissions can be traced back to individual households. With a classification from climate-damaging to climate-friendly, consumers get an insight into how sustainable their behavior is. The app is already available in the App Store. There is a waiting list for Android.

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