Energy prices are at record levels. The topic of saving is therefore playing an increasingly important role. With a few adjustments in everyday life, however, it is relatively easy to save energy and thus money. We show you ten products that you can use to reduce your energy costs.

Saving energy can have a direct impact on your bank account. This is especially true when the annual utility bill flutters into the house. Due to the rising energy prices, however, there can also be high additional payments.

Saving electricity and energy can therefore be worthwhile. The consumer advice center has some tips ready for this. With the so-called electricity mirror, consumers can also determine their costs and reduce their consumption. However, not only behavioral changes but also some products and devices can help to save energy.

With these ten products you can reduce your energy costs

Communication and entertainment electronics in particular consume a lot of electricity. This includes computers, game consoles and televisions. Like many other household appliances, they are considered real power guzzlers.

But there are also some devices and products that are designed to keep energy costs down. The following ranking will show you ten products that you can use to save energy and reduce your costs.

1. Power meter

A power meter can help to unmask power guzzlers in the household. Between the household appliance and the socket, the measuring instrument determines how much electricity the device draws from the socket. From this it can be calculated whether a more energy-efficient new purchase is worthwhile.

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