Google has released a new browser. However, if you want to use Chrome Enterprise Premium, you must take out a monthly subscription to get access to the additional security features.

Just a few days ago it became known that Google was planning a paid version of its search. The US company is now launching another product that is only available as a subscription.

Because Google has introduced the paid web browser Chrome Enterprise Premium. This is intended to offer additional security functions, but is only available for a monthly fee.

What is Google Chrome Enterprise Premium?

With its new browser, Google is targeting corporate customers. Chrome Enterprise Premium is intended to offer companies, among other things, improved protection against data loss.

The new offer from Google comes in two versions. The stripped-down version of Chrome Enterprise Core is available without a monthly subscription. However, companies have to pay for the even safer premium model.

What is the difference between the two models?

While Chrome Enterprise Core can be used without a fee, companies have to pay $6 per month for the premium version, as can be seen on the product page. In return, Google's customers receive increased protection for their data.

The browser's subscription model also includes functions such as malware deep scanning, a special URL filter according to website categories, protection against data loss and context-dependent access to SaaS platforms, Google Cloud and private web applications.

Both versions also offer integrated protection against malware and phishing. However, these include additional protective measures in the paid premium version.

Chrome Enterprise Premium offers companies more security

In the announcement for the new browser, Google emphasizes the protection of data through the use of the application. Enterprise Premium is the “world’s most trusted enterprise browser” that can “even better protect hundreds of millions of enterprise users.”

Chrome Enterprise Premium builds on the core features of Chrome Enterprise to give businesses the secure, reliable browser their employees prefer, with built-in management tools for IT and security teams.

The focus is primarily on endpoint security, as it is becoming increasingly complicated. This is becoming increasingly common, for example, through remote work, the expansion of workforces and the proliferation of new devices that are not part of a company's managed systems.

Google also sees the web browser as a central point for the future of work. To this end, the group is conducting an analysis by the market research company Gartner.

According to this, by 2030, browsers will be the “central platform for deploying productivity and security software on managed and unmanaged employee devices”.

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