Since WhatsApp updated its privacy policy last year, users have been able to hide their IP address during calls. We'll show you how it works.

WhatsApp updated its privacy policy in 2023 and introduced new features to better protect user data. These include the functions “Mute unknown callers” and “Protect IP address in calls”. For some time now, users have also been able to hide their IP address during calls.

Hide WhatsApp IP address in calls – here’s how

So-called Voice over IP calls connect call parties directly over the Internet. This is particularly advantageous for call quality and latency. The disadvantage: callers can find out relatively easily where the other person is and which Internet provider they use – using their IP address.

WhatsApp calls are also among these voice over IP calls. However, the company has programmed the function so that you can hide your IP address during calls. Anyone who activates the function will no longer be connected directly, but will be redirected via a meta server.

How to activate the IP function

To activate the function, first open the in WhatsApp Three-point menu at the top of the screen and go to Settings. Then click on “data protection“. Now scroll down and tap “Advanced“. In this area you can “Protect IP address in calls“Activate.

Your IP address will then be hidden from calls. However, activation has one disadvantage: Since the calling parties are no longer directly connected, there may be a loss of quality.

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