The Villa Vigoni eV, which is committed to promoting German-Italian cooperation, decided to convert its camera-based budget process to SAP. A SAP expert team from CONET Business Consultants GmbH was commissioned with the conversion. The team was to implement a modern and user-friendly camera-based budgeting process for budgeting, management and asset accounting. The solution implemented for this purpose should meet the requirements of the Financial Regulation and use SAP S/4HANA as a basis.

Initial situation: mapping of the cameral budget procedure

The Villa Vigoni eV is an association founded in 1986 and the German-Italian center for European dialogue based on Lake Como. The duties of the association include: Funding for German-Italian cooperation in the fields of culture, politics and science. The Villa Vigoni team consists of around 30 employees in different areas of responsibility.

The German and Italian governments are responsible for Villa Vigoni eV. The association is therefore subject to the financial regulations and must prove what the funds made available are used for. The solution used must suitable for use in the public sector be.

Before CONET was commissioned, Villa Vigoni eV was already working with a solution for mapping the cameral budget process. However, this was based on a different system and should be carried out at the request of the club SAP S/4HANA will be replaced. He commissioned CONET to implement the basis and the modules SAP FI (Finance), FI-AA (Asset Accounting) and PSM (Public Sector Management).

An important requirement was the coverage of the following processes:

  • acceptance order
  • output arrangement
  • Partial and full occupations
  • transfers
  • Barkasse
  • Asset management
  • budgeting

At Villa Vigoni eV, three employees will benefit from the advantages of SAP once the project is complete.

Solution: SAP S/4HANA – user-friendly and future-proof

At the beginning of the project, requirements were collected, checked, documented and updated in close cooperation with the association. The CONET team then designed the solution for the SAP FI, ​​FI-AA and PSM modules. The one designed for budget management PSM module serves as an add-on for regular accounting. The system basis is SAP S/4HANA.

After the conception, the system was set up based on the specific requirements and target processes, as well as the operation and maintenance of the necessary systems up to the productive handover. For an error-free SAP system, CONET took over the functional and integrative test case creation and execution.

CONET conveyed this to the employees of Villa Vigoni in workshops necessary know-how to use SAP FI, ​​FI-AA and PSMso that nothing stood in the way of use by the client.

Benefit: Fast system with high availability & efficient processes

With the conversion to SAP for the cameral budget procedure, Villa Vigoni eV benefits from a better reliability thanks to high system availability. The HANA database also increases the speed of the system. CONET transferred the necessary processes to the new system and improved them in places. With SAP S/4HANA as a basis, future requirements can be easily implemented on this basis. Overall, this resulted in a user-friendly and future-proof solution with which the requirements of the cameral budget process reliably and efficiently leave.

The project was handled entirely remotely. Communication was via email and Microsoft Teams, resulting in an extremely productive virtual collaboration so that the project could be successfully completed after just one year.

The successful implementation of the project also shows that the introduction of SAP is by no means just for large companies, but also for feasible and worthwhile for small companies and organizations is.

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At a glance


Villa Vigoni eV


  • Camera-based budgeting procedure based on SAP S/4HANA
  • Main requirements:
  • Implementation of a SAP solution for the cameral budget procedure
  • Coverage and optimization of existing processes
  • Compliance with the legal requirements of the Financial Regulation
  • Approval workflow according to the four-eyes principle

Most important benefit aspects:

  • improved reliability through high system availability
  • fast system
  • efficient processes
  • scalability

Technical information:


Photo: Niklas Ludwig

Niklas Ludwig has been Communication Manager at CONET since March 2020 and is responsible for the internal and external communication of the CONET group of companies.


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