Technologies like chat GPT have created a new hype about AI. This offers opportunities for founders.
Carol Yepes

“Software is eating the world” – with this sentence the investor Marc Andreesen coined an entire start-up decade in 2011. If you now ask around among investors which topic they consider to be the most important in the coming year, the sentence could now be adjusted as follows: “AI is eating the world”.

Artificial intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence (AI) is at a crucial point, says Andreas Goeldi from the VC fund Btov. The speed of innovation in this area is currently faster than ever.

Levin Bunz of venture capitalist Heartcore agrees. Advances in machine learning would answer the “why now” question that investors love to ask, says Heartcore’s Levin Bunz. He predicts a new wave of large companies in this area for the coming year. For him, two examples are DeepL and Stable Diffusion, a collaborative project between researchers at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and the English startup Stability AI. Btov investor Goeldi is also observing how machine learning models are being transferred from the development department to everyday operations in more traditional companies.

Chat GPT – the final breakthrough of AI?


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