Due to a larger number of apps than ever before, the demands of users in terms of operation and aesthetics have also increased. With a good UX (User Experience) design, users get a holistic user experience with an intuitive user interface. In this way, companies secure a decisive competitive advantage.

What is UX design?

UX design is an integral part of a holistic user experience. A well thought-out user experience design is for digital platforms essential. It accompanies the user at all touchpoints with an application or a website. Today there are different platforms and devices, each with different requirements perfect user experience design. Mobile devices, desktop applications and other use cases demand customized UX design solutions. A good UX design that inspires, is quick, easy to understand and gets the user to their goal.

Why UX design is becoming increasingly important

With the advancing digitization in companies, processes are shifting more and more into the software world. Whether logistics, banking or the automotive industry: one own app is often essential. The interfaces with which people interact are complex and different, even in the business environment.

Here it is important to have products with a user friendly Equip user experience design to optimize the user experience. Today’s users expect software solutions with a wide range of functions – without cumbersome interaction and with a aesthetic UI. The increased requirements pose ever greater challenges for UI designers and software developers. The number of apps has also increased: it is therefore more important than ever that products with a thoughtful user experience design stand out

The individual steps of the UX design

competitive analysis

  • It is worth observing the competitive landscape and making deductions. What does your own product do right and what do others do market participants better? With a competitive analysis, companies can identify the competition one step ahead and gain meaningful insights.

Usability Test

  • In the usability test, users test the application. companies get so valuable feedback from real users to their user experience design. It is important to determine what is to be tested and what goals are to be achieved. In the usability test, a distinction is made between face-to-face methods and usability tests using online tools. With both methods, companies find out what user needs are and what points they need to consider when designing the user experience optimize have to.


  • Prototypes help that UI Designerto develop the interface of the application before the actual programming. Using various methods such as sketches or storyboards, UI designers can pre-test the user experience design in the same way. As a collaborative and visual process, prototyping is a good starting point for teamwork common solutions to develop before they are transferred to digital. Prototyping is therefore essential for the development of a holistic user experience design in order to avoid errors during development right from the start.

UX as an integral part of software development

During agile development, for example using Scrum or Kanban, one is worthwhile consistent user orientation throughout the project.

In fundamental workshops with representatives of all stakeholders from the client to the user, in addition to technical and functional requirements, the experiences and User expectations recorded and documented. Based on this, clickable mockups are created that already provide a real impression of the later solution. This visualization already reveals weaknesses, compares expectations and provides more via user tests optimization potential. On this basis begins agile developmentwhich runs in iterative phases of conception, development, validation, testing and optimization – always involving all relevant reference and user groups.

Benefits of User Experience Consulting and UX Design:

  • consideration different points of view different stakeholders
  • early recognize from mistakes and/or bad user guidance
  • avoidance unnecessary rework and duplication of effort
  • Schutz from unplanned project costs and long development times
  • higher user acceptance for the developed products

Improved UX through re-engineering & re-design

In the past, user experience often played no role in development, or usage and operating habits have changed fundamentally since the introduction. Now the processing takes an unnecessarily long time and the acceptance of the solution is dwindling.

Here can one UX-oriented re-engineering Breathing new life into processes and applications. The focus here is also on user tests and user observation. Based on defined test cases after identified TopTasks/Tasks typical test tasks are given to a test group of users from different areas. While the user speaks his thoughts out loud, the tester merely observes the user’s handling of the digital interface without providing any assistance and then documents his experiences.

On this basis, the need for optimization in UX design can be clearly and reliably identified and possible approaches for improvement can be consistently implemented.

Benefits of user experience re-engineering and UX re-design:

  • modernization existing applications optically and technically
  • higher acceptance of processes and solutions
  • reduced processing effort and better quality the Results

The difference between UI and UX

What is the difference between user interface design and user experience? Both terms are often used interchangeably, but there are differences in meaning.

UI Design specifically means the user interface a specific software. The user interface consists of clickable buttons, drop-down and hamburger menus, text entry fields, and any other element through which interaction occurs. UI designers are responsible for the UI design and pay attention to the aesthetic composition of the individual elements of a digital surface. These include, for example, the color or font. UI designers ensure that the corporate design is implemented sensibly.

The UI is part of the UX, which in turn is part of the CX.

UI and UX are part of a holistic customer experience.

User Experience Design, on the other hand, describes the overall user experience. How intuitive is the software to use? How logical does the navigation feel? Do users reach their destination efficiently? These are the questions user experience designers need to ask themselves. The user interface is part of a holistic user experience. For an optimal end product, UX and UI designers must work together and coordinate their work. The already mentioned prototyping is ideal for this.

Together, UI design and UX design form part of the customer experience. If you want to learn more about customer experience, then read our blog article about customer experience management.

Conclusion – successful UX design

A successful UX design is intuitive operable, appealing designed and brings the user to be efficient target. In a competitive market, it is more important than ever that applications and apps stand out with an appealing user experience design. If you follow the individual steps of the UX design, you are on the right track, one trouble-free user experience to accomplish. Prototyping ensures that no individual aspects are lost in the design process. With an appealing UX design, applications are used with pleasure and a positive corporate image created.

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