A hobbyist has published instructions for a repairable AirPods Pro case. Because the manufacturer still glues Apple components together, making repairs impossible.

Technical devices have now firmly established themselves in our everyday life: Because the smartphone is considered a constant companion. Headphones make it possible to listen to music and make uncomplicated phone calls on the go. But what can you do if one of the devices gives up the ghost? First of all: The answer depends on the brand.

The EU Parliament would like to strengthen consumer rights in the long term and establish a right to repairs. Nevertheless, depending on the device and manufacturer, there are still some problems. Apple, in particular, hasn’t exactly excelled over the past decade when it comes to product repairs. This also applies to the AirPods and AirPods Pro.

This AirPods Pro charging case is repairable

Because Apple still relies on adhesive for both the headphones and the associated charging cases. If something breaks, a complete replacement is usually the only option. YouTuber Ken Pillonel didn’t want to put up with that and developed his own solution.

That’s why he released plans for his own AirPods Pro charging case. Compared to the original, the self-made offers a replaceable battery and a USB type C connection. The YouTuber also uses glue very sparingly and only where absolutely necessary.

A wrench and some acetone are enough for the repair

An example lies in the magnets, which must remain in place. But Pillonel does that better and uses glue that can be dissolved in acetone. Two screws hold the case together. Only a wrench is required for the repair.

For his experiment, the YouTuber used the first generation of AirPods Pro because they are more widespread and the hobbyist is more familiar with the design. For the time being, however, he has no plans to make other products more sustainable. Nevertheless, an individual demonstrates what a large corporation does not seem to want to implement.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/07/27/airpods-pro-ladehuelle/

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