iOS 17 is now available for free download. With the new update, Apple wants to make the iPhone even more personal and intuitive. An overview.

As every year, Apple has released a new feature update for the iPhone with iOS 17. During its September 2023 keynote, the US company already gave initial insights into the new software. This year, users will primarily receive new operating aids for everyday life.

iOS 17: Apple releases new iPhone update

As Apple writes in its announcement of the new operating system, the iPhone should be even more personal and intuitive. To this end, the manufacturer is introducing innovations for communication apps, for example. There’s also the new StandBy mode – “a new way to experience the iPhone,” says Apple.

Artificial intelligence should support the creation of text messages and enable even faster and more accurate typing. Incoming phone calls and FaceTime are also receiving a major update. Overall, the number of new features is very extensive.

iOS 17: These are the most important innovations

In addition to new phone functions, there are now more ways to stay connected using various messaging options. Apple has also introduced updates in the area of ​​data protection and security. In addition, some innovations are dedicated to mental health.

One of the bigger updates is getting to the phone app. Users now have the opportunity to store a contact poster of their own choosing. It will be displayed during calls in the future and should appear in third-party apps. It is possible to edit photos and use Memojis and fonts.

Live Voicemail now offers real-time transcription when someone is leaving a message. Users can also answer a call even while the caller is recording a message. If desired, unknown contacts can be forwarded to voice mail or rejected outright.

Facetime is now compatible with Zoom

If a person cannot be reached, the caller can leave a video or audio message on FaceTime. In addition, users can now decorate their calls with reactions such as hearts, balloons, fireworks or laser beams. In the future, calls will also be possible with supported third-party video conferencing apps such as Zoom.

Another update is reminiscent of Tim Cook’s version of the Apple Vision Pro. Users can now use camera handoff to start a FaceTime call on iPhone and then share it to Apple TV. Optionally, you can start the call directly from your Apple TV. With follow mode, they stay perfectly framed, even as they move around the room.

Audio messages are automatically transcribed with iOS 17

With the new operating system, messages also get new functions. They are intended to simplify the use of the messaging app and make communication between people more pleasant. For example, audio messages are automatically transcribed. This means users can read them immediately or listen to them later.

In the future, it will also be easier to create stickers from photo motifs and bring them to life with effects. The new “Accompaniment” messaging feature makes it possible to notify family or friends as soon as they have arrived safely at their destination. The relevant contact will then automatically receive a message.

New standby function to bridge the charging time

StandBy is a new full-screen mode that displays information at a glance. This allows users to personalize different widgets, which should then be displayed at the right time. In addition, live activities, Siri results, incoming calls or larger notifications are visible in full screen. Using the Always-On Display function, the mode stays on permanently.

iOS 17 update brings improved autocorrect and dictation functionality

Autocorrection gets a new on-device machine learning language model for word suggestions. It is intended to improve usage and accuracy with every tap. Automatic sentence corrections can fix more types of grammatical errors, and the redesigned design better supports typing by temporarily underlining auto-corrected words.

In addition, a tap of the finger takes you back to the original word. Text suggestions while typing are intended to help you complete sentences quickly. According to Apple, the new voice recognition model of the dictation function now works with more accuracy.

iOS 17: More functions for Safari and passwords

Profiles in Safari now allow browsing in separate areas. This also includes separate histories, cookies, extensions, tab groups and favorites. Private Browsing now locks browser windows when not in use, providing greater protection from both trackers and third parties who may have access to a device.

iPhone users can now also share passwords and passkeys with a group of trusted contacts. The data is continuously encrypted via the iCloud keychain.

iPhone update: iOS 17 promises offline use of maps

For example, with the software update, AirPods get new options such as adaptive hearing, personalized volume and conversation recognition. The map app will in turn be used offline. Anyone who drives an electric car also receives information about charging stations in real time.

In addition, Apple is expanding the functions for AirTags. Groups of up to five people can now access the same AirTag. Additionally, visual lookup is now available for video still images. This allows you to highlight individual or multiple motifs from photos and videos and recognize foods, facades, signs and symbols.

Apple expands data protection

Privacy updates include expanding communication security beyond messages to protect children when sending and receiving content via AirDrop, contact posters, a FaceTime message, and when using Photo Picker. It also now covers video content in addition to still images.

The new “Sensitive Content Warning” feature is intended to help avoid viewing unwanted images and videos containing nudity. As with communications security, all images and videos are processed to warn of sensitive content on the device. Apple therefore has no access to the content.

Install iOS17

Since September 18, 2023, iPhone users have been able to install the new operating system on their devices. However, it requires a little patience until the download of the software, which is more than three gigabytes in size, is completed.

As before, the update is available in the device settings. About the riders “Generally” and “Software update“ users will be able to install the current version. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, the process begins automatically. iOS 17 is available for all iPhone models from 2018, starting with the second generation iPhone SE and newer.

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