In everyday life, it quickly happens that we open countless windows in our mobile browser. More than 20 open tabs are not uncommon. In How To, we explain how to close all tabs in Safari—instantly and easily.

Safari. For many users of the Internet, this is still this Apple browser. However, anyone who assumes that Safari is only used by Apple fans is greatly mistaken. This is shown by a look at the current statistics from January 2023.

According to this, Safari in Germany has a usage rate of 39.89 percent. Only Google’s Chrome browser performs better with 42.3 percent. Firefox (9.32 percent) and Edge (6.84 percent) lag far behind.

Safari close all tabs: How to close all windows at once

So if you think Safari is only used by iPhone, iPad, and Mac users, you’re still living in the past. Nevertheless, Safari is Apple’s default browser.

Accordingly, it often happens that the owners of iPhones have dozens of windows open in the browser. If you want to close all tabs in Safari, you had to do it manually for a long time, which in turn was very annoying.

Since upgrading to iOS 16, it is possible to close all browser windows in one go. In “How to” we explain how to do this.

In the first step you open the Safari-App on your iPhone.

Safari close all tabs: How to close all windows immediately. Step 1.

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