In the future, administrative procedures will increasingly be able to be carried out online. There should be a digital mailbox for this. We will show you how to create a BundID account.

On Wednesday, the federal government passed a draft law to amend the Online Access Act (OZG). The focus of this change is the digitization of administration in Germany.

Because in the future, citizens should be able to complete many administrative procedures online. However, this requires a digital mailbox that can be accessed via a BundID account.

This is the BundID

Many students should already be familiar with the BundID. This is because they have been able to apply for the energy price flat rate of 200 euros since spring. And the digital user account is already being used for parental allowance or student loans.

The BundID is intended to save citizens from having to identify themselves personally to an authority in the future. Because this should also work digitally thanks to the online account.

This is how you can create a BundID account

If you want to create a BundID account, you can do this via the associated website. However, you need one of the following requirements for identification:

  • username and password
  • ID card with online function
  • Magpie Certificate
  • European ID for people without German citizenship

Once you have decided on one of these options, all you have to do is follow the steps on the website. For this you need, among other things, your personal data and an e-mail address, which will then also be verified.

How secure is a BundID account?

Depending on the type of identification you choose, your BundID account will be assigned a certain level of trust. Please note that the level of trust in your account will determine which online claims you choose to submit here.

The federal government based the classification on the European regulation on electronic identification and trust services. Therefore, there are three tiers for the confidence levels.

Create BundID account: The basic registration

The simplest form of registration for the BundID account is the “Username & Password” access type. This is mandatory for using the BundID, but does not give you all the options of the digital mailbox.

Confidence level “substantial”

The next higher level is the “substantial” trust level, which you achieve by registering via your Elster certificate or individual EU identities.

Confidence level “high”

You achieve the highest level of trust when you register with your online ID. For this you need an ID card with an online function. But the Smart-eID, the electronic residence permit and the Union citizen card also belong to this level of trust.

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