Mobile Internet is almost essential these days. It allows us to access the Internet almost anywhere. But which countries currently have the fastest internet connection? We’ll show you in our weekly ranking.

Smartphones, tablets and even laptops can be connected to the Internet on the go. When it comes to mobile Internet, LTE is almost the standard these days. But which countries actually have the fastest mobile Internet connection Germany is at least not among the top ten – that much can be revealed in advance.

These countries have the fastest mobile internet

In addition to social media, weather reports in Germany are also popular content when it comes to mobile surfing. Android devices dominate the market. The Speedtest Global Index has meanwhile analyzed the countries in which mobile Internet enables the fastest downloads.

The study is based on a period from November 2021 to November 2022. We present the results in the following ranking.

Platz 10: Brunei

Brunei is in tenth place 102,06 Mbit/s. The small state in Asia is home to more than 440,000 people.

Platz 10: Brunei. ( / aboodi vesakaran)

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