If the smartphone is becoming slower and slower, there can be various reasons. For example, the RAM could be full. That’s why we’re going to tell you how to clean it up to make your iPhone faster again.

Who doesn’t like to think back to the time when the smartphone you bought when you bought it still reacted to commands at the speed of light. However, over time and with constant use, cell phones become slower and slower. In order to regain a bit of speed, however, iPhone users can use a few tricks.

Make the iPhone faster: When the working memory slows down the cell phone

Often one of the reasons iPhones become slower to respond over time is that the RAM is full. This is particularly noticeable when users switch back and forth between apps or want to load new applications.

RAM is your iPhone’s short-term memory. Because it stores information there with each use, the memory fills up over time and the phone slows down. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new or an older device. However, we have good news: Because you can easily clean up your RAM.

Here’s how to clean up your iPhone’s RAM

To clear your RAM, you can follow these five steps. Users who have an iPhone with a physical home button can even jump right in at point four. However, this is only the case with older models.

  1. In the settings of your iPhone you will find the area “Accessibility“. There you go under “Tap‘ to the function ‘AssistiveTouch„.
  2. Now you can activate the function using the slider. Then, on the right edge of the screen, a small circular area appear. It replaces the home button.
  3. Now tap on this round area. It opens a menu. There you click on “Home„.
  4. Next, you need to open your iPhone’s shutdown menu. To do this, first press the in rapid succession Volume up, then the volume down button. Then you hold it lock button pressed until that shutdown menu opens.
  5. Here you click again on the circular dot. In the menu, hold “Home‘ long pressed. Now your iPhone should ask you to enter your unlock code.

Your iPhone’s RAM should now be cleared. To check the speed, you can open some apps and test your phone’s response.

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