The technology company Intive develops digital products for international customers from a wide variety of industries. The software developer recently opened a new office in Regensburg. In the site portrait we take a look behind the scenes.

Munich-based Intive combines design, engineering, digital consulting and process optimization to offer all types of digital products to its international customer base.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing are just some of the tools the company uses to develop apps or cybersecurity systems, for example. Intive serves customers from various industries. Brands such as Audi, E-Sprit, ING, Vorwerk and Deichmann use what the tech company has to offer.

In addition to the location in Germany, the company also has development centers, design studios and regional branches – including in Great Britain, Ireland, Argentina and the USA.

Intive opens new headquarters in Regensburg

The new office of the digital service provider is located on the Regensburg tech campus. It is therefore in close proximity to the universities located there. There are also other high-tech companies in the vicinity.

The office, christened “TechSquare” by Intive, is intended to be the center of software for the automotive industry in the region. For this, the management has sought new security licenses to guarantee information security and data protection when working in the automotive sector.

In addition to the offices for the employees, there is also an automotive showroom on the ground floor of the Regensburg headquarters, which shows completed development projects.

This is how the digital service provider Intive works

Intive has around 400 employees. Many team members work in a hybrid model in which they work up to 80 percent in the home office. The new office in Regensburg was therefore primarily designed as a place for personal and creative exchange.

Meanwhile, employees are flexible when it comes to choosing their workplace. Furniture can be rearranged as needed, for example to enable dynamic teamwork.

In addition to the office in Munich, the service provider for digital products now also has a new location in Regensburg. (Photo: Company)

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