With its new Freeform app, Apple wants to enable creative brainstorming and collaboration. The app is now available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Apple recently released the update to iOS 16.2. But that doesn’t just include the usual security updates or enhancements.

With the update, Apple also released the new Freeform app. According to its own statements, the US group wants to enable and optimize “creative brainstorming and collaboration”.

This is the new creative app Freeform

The latest app from Apple has been available for all iPhone, iPad and Mac models since December 13, 2022. To do this, the devices must be updated to the latest version of the operating system iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2 or macOS Ventura 13.1.

The app aims to simplify visual collaboration. Users can design their ideas “on a flexible work surface”.

“Freeform opens up endless possibilities for visual collaboration for iPhone, iPad and Mac users,” said Bob Borchers, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing.

With an infinite workspace, support for uploading multiple files, iCloud integration, and collaboration features, Freeform creates a common brainstorming space that users can take anywhere.

Easily collaborate with up to 100 people

Apple expressly points out that the new app was specially developed for collaboration. This allows users to brainstorm or work on projects together on one workspace.

It is also possible to have a conversation via FaceTime in a call. Because Apple has Facetime integrated directly into the app. By saving in the iCloud, all employees can also work synchronously.


Up to 100 people can work together on one work surface in Freeform. Apple wants to create “a shared space for creativity when working on group projects or even planning a vacation with friends.”

To start collaborating with other users, all you have to do is drag an invite into a conversation in Messages. Anyone who joins the conversation can automatically access the Freeform canvas as well. But invitations via link or e-mail are also possible.

Freeform acts as an infinite canvas

Freeform is intended to act as an “infinite canvas” for “gathering inspiration and ideas”. This always expands automatically when users add new content to the workspace.

But users can not only store files such as photos, videos or audio files on their desktop. The app also offers various options to let off steam with writing, drawings or diagrams.

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