Running your own business is easier than ever these days. Nevertheless, the digital demands on entrepreneurs are increasing at the same time. In the location portrait, we want to show you how the IT specialist and cloud operator Netlogix works in Nuremberg.

More and more people want to be their own boss or manager. The desire for more flexibility and self-determination noticeably characterizes the generation of young workers.

This is underlined, for example, by the fact that work-life balance is playing an increasingly central role in salary negotiations. The same applies to the flexible and flexible work in the home or mobile office.

From the website to the shop to the cloud: Business is digital

But what is often forgotten with all the wishes is the fact that in principle there is no longer a professional field that can do without the digital world. Even a café or a tailor needs a website so that customers can see the opening times.

The problem with this: Despite all the advertising promises, work on the Internet cannot simply be done on the side. In order for a website to be found on Google, for example, or for the hosting to be compliant with data protection regulations, a partner is often required.

This is how the IT specialist Netlogix works in Nuremberg

Companies can find such a partner in Netlogix. The agency for web solutions and all topics related to IT infrastructure supports dozens of national and international companies from its headquarters in Nuremberg. In the location portrait we guide you through the newly designed headquarters.

The Netlogix office is located at Neuwieder Strasse 10 in Nuremberg. (Photo: Company)

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