With Stable Doodle, the US start-up Stability AI has released a new AI tool that is said to be able to generate an image from every sketch. Artificial intelligence is aimed at a large target group.

The past few months have shown the impact artificial intelligence can have on our everyday lives. The US company Open AI, for example, made headlines with ChatGPT. Software company Adobe, on the other hand, relies on its own AI for generating license-free images.

With Stable Doodle, another tool is now coming onto the market that enables the creation of motifs. To do this, you have to create an approximate sketch of your desired motif on the tool’s website. In addition, the AI ​​needs text-based context for the motif – such as “tree on flower meadow”. Stable Doodle then generates three possible outcomes.

Stable Doodle recognizes context and completes sketches

The results of the already published version are quite impressive. From a shapeless tree and the context mentioned above, the tool creates almost fairytale-like motifs of a tree on a flower meadow. This is made possible by AI software that the company has dubbed “Stable Diffusion XL”.

Stability AI, Basic Thinking

According to official information, the model understands the context of the situation by analyzing millions of data points and combining them to achieve the best possible result. After that, nothing happens differently than with other models based on machine learning: the artificial intelligence adds further details and then makes the end result available to the user as a download.

Image AI is aimed at a broad target group

The AI ​​tool Stable Doodle is not aimed at a specific target group. The program allows both beginners and experts to express their creative spirit and find new inspiration. With the version that has already been published, the company is also switching additional investor funds.

Although Stability AI raised an additional $25 million last month, the company is still looking for additional funding. The AI ​​tools that have already been published clearly show the technical potential of the start-up.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/07/23/stable-doodle/

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