The world’s largest trade fair for consumer electronics and household appliances, IFA Berlin, is entering a new round. This year there are again more than 1,800 exhibitors, including solar technology provider Bluetti. You can find out what’s new from Bluetti here.

Produktvorschau: Bluetti EP760

Bluetti presents the new EP760, a new storage module for solar energy. Thanks to a capacity of 19.8 kw/h, EP760 is not only powerful but also flexibly expandable. Bluetti presents the EP760 as die Energy solution in all situations: In the event of a power failure, the storage unit can be used as an emergency generator within 10 minutes. Refrigerators and other household appliances that have to be running constantly are also supplied in an emergency.

As a solar storage device for photovoltaics, EP760 collects up to 9000 watts of electricity, which can be used flexibly for the household. Speaking of photovoltaics: There will soon also be new balcony power plants from Bluetti.

With a service life of ten years, the lithium iron phosphate battery (“LFP”) promises to be a reliable long-term companion in everyday life. The battery’s special chemical compound is not only more stable and safer than common NCA/NCM batteries. It is also greener because Bluetti batteries do not contain any rare earth metals and are non-toxic are degradable.

Product preview: Bluetti AC60 and AC180

With the AC60 and AC180, the company is also introducing two explicitly portable models.


The Bluetti AC60 waterproof solar generator is an all-weather generator for adventurers. Thanks to its turbo charging function, the 403 W/h module promises that you will never run out of juice. For particularly long journeys, the module can be expanded to 2,015 W/h. With more than 3,000 life cycles and a six-year guarantee, the AC60 generator is a long-lasting companion for on the go.


The portable power station AC180 provides users with a full day of power – in just one hour of charging time. In numbers this means: One charge of this 1152 W/h power station is equivalent to 61 cell phone charges, 15 laptop charges or 103 hours of light. Whether at home or on the go; At just 16 kilograms, the AC180 power station is a practical handheld device for all purposes. With more than 3,500 life cycles and a five-year warranty, the AC180 is ideal for long-term use.

The provider has also teased offline versions of the AC60P and AC180P models.

Visiting Bluetti

Bluetti is at the IFA with an impressive array of solar power.

If you want to stop by the company’s stand, you can find it at H3.2-306. In addition to information about the products, there is also a special for visitors: an 80 percent discount on the EP600 or EP760 set, each with two B500 modules.

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