US futurologist Amy Webb sees a need to catch up in how German entrepreneurs deal with AI models.
Getty Images/ Jason Bollenbacher

When the futurist Amy Webb asked the audience at the DigitalX tech conference in Cologne on Tuesday afternoon who had already used ChatGPT for business purposes, she was shocked: the majority of the audience, consisting of entrepreneurs, founders, managers, employees and techies raised his hands in the air. “It scares me how many people use ChatGPT,” said the American. “There are so many things we don’t know, like what happens to our data.”

Webb founded the Future Today Institute and advises large companies such as Ford, investment firms and government agencies on how to strategically leverage future trends and tools by developing solutions for them. Webb also teaches as a professor of strategic future planning at New York University and publishes books.

The conversations with decision-makers showed the futurologist that their mindset could be divided into two groups: one group that is afraid of generative AI and sees risks, and the other that is afraid of missing out on something. At the conference, Webb criticized both ways of thinking. According to her, entrepreneurs have not yet fully understood how to properly use AI models, i.e. those that are language-based.


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