The Federal Labor Court recently decided to substantiate the obligation to record working hours with a new law. Digital tools can help to document the hours worked. The German Institute for Service Quality has now presented the three best solutions.

Freelancers know the importance of keeping track of hours worked. But since the Federal Labor Court decided that the recording of working hours is also mandatory for all companies, more and more employers are looking for a practical solution.

Digital tools help with the recording of working hours

Many software providers already have various tools on offer for this purpose. The German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) took a closer look at eight providers and also compared the services and the service on the Internet.

The market research institute also tested the services for their range of functions, costs and contractual conditions. The tools were also evaluated using a points system. The test winner received the quality rating “very good”, three companies scored “good” overall and four others received the grade “satisfactory”.

These are the top three time tracking tools

All services master at least the basics such as check-in/check-out, break management and working time overview. More expensive subscription models also offer additional functions such as customer management or project time recording.

1st place: Timr

The test winner of the DISQ comparison is “Timr” with the quality rating “Very Good”. The software solution convinced the market research institute both in the basic and in the more expensive comfort version. Above all, the high information value of the website convinced the test users.

Platz 2: Clocko:do

The tool “Clocko:do” came in second with the grade “good”. According to the German Institute for Service Quality, the service is even best positioned in the area of ​​online service. The evaluation of the website by test users and experts also performs well in comparison.

Platz 3 : Timetac

The “Timetac” tool comes third in a comparison of services for digital timekeeping. In the comfort variant, the product with the largest production volume is convincing. In addition, the test users and experts are particularly convinced of the high information value of the website and the good online service.

The DISQ tested the tools for digital working time recording

For each of the eight digital tools for recording working hours, the institute tested the providers in detail for the service quality on the Internet. In addition, the corresponding websites each went through ten tests by trained test users.

In addition, a total of 88 service contacts with the companies were included in the evaluation. At the same time, experts evaluated the contract terms and the monthly costs of each service per user.

The DISQ examined the cheapest software in the basic offer as well as the comfort variant with the largest range of functions.

The German Institute for Service Quality provides a detailed evaluation of the individual software tools for digital timekeeping online.

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