Instagram is getting a new status feature. With the Instagram Notes you can share your thoughts in a short status in the future. We’ll show you how to use this feature.

With the new Instagram Notes function, the Meta subsidiary wants to offer “an easy and simple way” for users to share their thoughts. In a test phase, the platform found that users would appreciate this.

Instagram Motes offers “a casual and spontaneous way for people to express themselves and connect with each other,” according to Instagram.

This is how the Instagram Notes work

With Instagram Notes, the platform wants to offer its users a new way to “share their thoughts with others” or see what “friends are doing right now”.

Instagram has accommodated the new function in the inbox. In the future, users will be able to post a note with a length of up to 60 characters. Only text and emojis are allowed.

Here’s how you can create a note

The Instagram Notes represent a kind of status. To write this, you have to navigate to your inbox. At the top – above your messages – you will find the Instagram Notes.

Similar to the stories on Instagram, your own profile picture appears here on the far left, which you can use to add a note. Next to it are the notes of your friends or the accounts you follow.

When you create a note, you can also choose whether all of your followers can see it or just the people in your close friends list. The content is then visible for 24 hours.

Further updates will bring new features

Instagram also wants to promote collaboration on the platform. Two new functions are currently being tested for this.

On the one hand, these are group profiles that should be available on the platform shortly. Here users should be able to share posts and stories with friends via a special, shared profile. Shared content is then only visible to group members and not to the respective followers.

It should also soon be possible to create joint collections. Users can then save posts to their shared collection either in the group or in the DMs.

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