Whether for work or in our free time: We are almost constantly connected. But which websites do people in Germany visit most frequently? We show you the most visited websites in 2022 in our weekly ranking.

Whether shopping, entertainment or information gathering: There are many reasons for our internet consumption. A look at the most-visited websites in Germany in 2022 at least reveals where German users spend most of their time.

These are the 10 most visited websites in Germany

As a marketing platform, Semrush examines the most visited websites monthly using a traffic analysis tool. In the following ranking, we will show you which pages have had the most traffic in this country in the past year, i.e. the highest number of visitors.

Platz 10: t-online.de

t-online.de is the tenth most visited website in Germany. The German online portal belongs to Ströer Media and offers news via all end devices. 90.17 million So far, Semrush has determined visits for the year 2022.

10th place: t-mobile.de. (Screenshot / Website)

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2022/04/30/das-sind-die-10-meistbesuchten-webseiten-in-deutschland/

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