Artificial intelligence is developing constantly and at a rapid pace. Nevertheless, the technology does not only have advantages. In our weekly ranking we show you the ten biggest risks that artificial intelligence brings with it.

Whether as a relief at work or a useful aid in everyday life: we have now found many ways to meaningfully integrate artificial intelligence into our lives. However, with the rapid development of technology, experts not only see advantages, but also point out risks.

Artificial intelligence: These are the biggest risks

As early as June 2023, for example, the Center for AI Safety expressed concerns about the unregulated development of AI in a statement. Journalists, politicians and the public were called upon to discuss the topic.

Also the business magazine Forbes recently published a list of potential risks of artificial intelligence. The displacement of jobs is discussed as well as security and data protection concerns. We have put together the ten most important points in our weekly ranking.

Number 1: Lack of transparency

A lack of transparency in AI systems can lead to their decisions and the underlying logic of the technology becoming incomprehensible. If humans no longer understand AI, this can lead to mistrust and at the same time prevent the introduction of helpful technologies.

Number 1: Lack of transparency. (Source: Tuan To)

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