Porsche has developed its own electric boat in collaboration with the Frauscher boatyard. It is scheduled to come onto the market in 2024 and is part of the Macan model range.

Climate change has caused a rethink in the mobility industry. Combustion engines are increasingly giving way to electrically powered alternatives. When using green electricity at the same time, hardly any emissions are created. But this change is not only visible in road and air traffic.

We are also seeing a trend towards electrically powered vehicles on the water. Luxury car manufacturer Porsche has now presented its own electric boat, which was created in collaboration with the Frauscher boatyard. It goes by the name “Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air” and is scheduled to be delivered from 2024.

Porsche is developing an electric boat for nine passengers

The first edition stretches over 8.5 meters long and is around 2.5 meters wide. In total, up to nine passengers can fit on the boat. Construction and sales are based on the “eBoot” project, which Porsche announced in spring 2021. The aim is to offer a sustainable mobility option not just on the road.

However, the first version of the watercraft is only available in a limited edition. The project partner Frauscher only accepts up to 25 orders for the boat. The Fantom Air is part of the Porsche Macan model series. After all, the electric drive is the same one that will be used in the electric vehicle of the same name. It has an output of around 400 kilowatts.

Electric alternative for water sports enthusiasts

The construction is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and is intended to provide optimal balance under various conditions. This means that water sports enthusiasts should also be able to glide over the waves without any problems. According to the company, this has never been possible with any electrically powered boat.

Test and trial trips are currently taking place on Lake Garda, Italy. In addition to the actual boat, the corresponding charging infrastructure is essential. The battery supports charging options with a nominal output of up to 22 kilowatts. The first deliveries next year should show whether the technology meets the corresponding demand from customers.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/10/22/porsche-e-boot/

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