Both on the smartphone, on the computer in our e-mails: we deal with data everywhere. But despite many precautionary measures, data theft occurs again and again. In our weekly ranking, we show you the ten biggest data leaks of all time.

The best protection against data leakage is and remains a strong password. The so-called two-factor authentication also ensures more security. But no measure or setting offers 100 percent protection.

These are the 10 biggest data breaches of all time

Have you ever been hacked? You can do that with the Have I Been Pwned? Find out by entering your email address or phone number. The platform also categorizes and ranks the biggest data thefts of all time, which we would like to present to you in the following ranking.

Platz 10: Wattpad

In 2010, cybercriminals have more than 268 million sensitive data stolen from e-book platform Wattpad. Authors can publish their own stories on the site and offer them to other users to read.

10th place: Wattpad. ( / Markus Spiske)

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