In the series “Homescreen!” we regularly present the home screens of people from the social media, marketing, media and tech industries – including app recommendations and tips for everything from to-do lists to a quick game for in between. Today: Christian Kimmle, Managing Director of Seyond Europe GmbH.

Christian Kimmle: If you take a look at my home screen, you'll immediately see that I combine professional tools, internationality and private interests. Clarity and effectiveness are crucial for me, without losing sight of the fun – this is also reflected in the way I work, where efficiency and security are paramount.

Think Global, Act Local

My motto “Think Global, Act Local” not only shapes the way I work, but also the apps I choose. Microsoft Teams (for Android) is my daily companion. Whether it's quick chats, important meetings or document exchanges – this app is the heart of my professional communication. In our globally connected industry, teamwork and quick coordination are essential, and Teams keeps everything running.

Outlook (for Android) is also indispensable in my everyday work. All business emails converge here. For private emails, however, I use Apple Mail. This clear separation helps me to keep track of everything and stay focused without drowning in a sea of ​​emails.

Christian Kimmle is always up to date

To stay up to date, I use the ntv app (for Android) and the Automobilwoche app (for Android). With ntv, I always have an eye on current world events, while Automobilwoche informs me about the latest developments in the automotive industry. This information is essential for me to make informed decisions and always be one step ahead.

LinkedIn (for Android) is an indispensable part of my home screen. As an international network, LinkedIn is perfect for maintaining professional contacts around the world and discovering new opportunities. Here I connect with colleagues from Europe, the USA, China and many other regions, follow trends and continuously expand my network.

The home screen of Christian Kimmle, Managing Director of Seyond Europe GmbH.

Safety and practicality

Security is my top priority. The Authenticator (for Android) protects my data with two-factor authentication. I no longer feel comfortable without this level of security. Especially with the increasing cyber threats, it is important to me to play it safe.

The Wallet app is a real all-rounder for me. It functions as a digital wallet and credit card, keeps my travel documents close at hand and even replaces my car keys and traditional business card. Everything I need for everyday work and private life is available here safely and quickly.

Staying connected is a must for me. With Airalo (for Android) I manage my international eSIMs and am always reachable even when abroad without having to worry about high roaming charges. This app is particularly useful as I travel a lot and always need to make sure I am reachable.

The clock app is indispensable for me, not only as an alarm clock when traveling, but also for managing different time zones. This way, I never lose track of my international business contacts. In my position as managing director of the European location of Seyond Inc., I often communicate with colleagues and partners in different time zones – this app is extremely helpful.

Stay on the move – by car or bike

In my free time, I like to get on my bike. The Bosch eBike app (for Android) is my constant companion for planning and tracking bike tours. I also use it to monitor my performance and discover new, exciting routes.

When I'm travelling by car, the My BMW app (for Android) helps me plan my route and ensures that I always find the optimal route. This is particularly useful when I combine business and private trips and want to ensure that I arrive efficiently and on time.

Back home after a day on the road, I like to cook for friends and family. To plan recipes and purchases while on the road and have everything ready, I use the Edeka app (for Android).

Christian Kimmle: About changes on his home screen

Some apps have recently changed their place on my home screen. For example, I gave up Apple Calendar in favor of Outlook to manage all my appointments centrally. This saves me time and I have all the important information in one place.

I can say that my home screen reflects the way I work: internationally networked, locally efficient and always up to date. With the right apps, I am well equipped to successfully manage both my professional tasks and my private interests.

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