Construction of a gigantic wind turbine will soon begin in Brandenburg. The structure should be 365 meters high up to the tip of the rotor blade. This would make it the largest wind turbine in the world.

Project managers are currently planning to build the world's tallest wind turbine on a former lignite dump in the Lausitz region of Brandenburg. It will be 365 meters high up to the tip of the rotor blade and will set new standards in energy production. The initiative for the project is based on the work of the Leipzig engineer Horst Bendix.

He gained notoriety through his work in the lignite industry and has been working on optimizing wind turbines since the late 1990s. Bendix argues that wind turbines at higher altitudes can generate more than twice the amount of electrical energy. To support this assumption, one initiative has already built a 300 meter high wind measurement tower next to an existing wind farm.

The world's largest wind turbine will produce 50 gigawatt hours

The data generated from this exceeded forecast expectations. The company Gicon is involved in the implementation. One of the founders recently reported that the energy yield of the larger structures could be 60 to 70 percent higher compared to classic systems.

The planned wind turbine promises to produce up to 50 gigawatt hours of electricity annually. Due to the large dimensions of the system, the project participants also want to use larger offshore rotor blades. The development of the high-altitude wind turbine has so far taken three years. As soon as the pending approvals are granted, construction of the first pilot plant will begin.

Project participants estimate construction costs at 20 to 30 million euros

The plan is for the huge wind turbines to provide electricity for a period of 20 years. The costs for development and construction are estimated to be between 20 and 30 million euros. A turbine that is widely available on the market is used for the construction. This enables flexible adaptation to already available technologies. The Gicon team also got creative when building the tower.

Because the tower is too large for standard cranes, the company developed a telescopic tower suitable for this application. This is based on a grid construction to save material and minimize wind resistance. A new era could begin with the construction. The Federal Agency for Advanced Innovations and Gicon are planning to build 1,000 of these wind turbines across Germany within the next ten years.

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