With every product you bring to market, you reach people. Especially in the digital world, social networks, email contact and more encourage people to evaluate products and express their displeasure when something doesn't fit. Of course, you can ignore customer feedback – but that won't get you anywhere. Instead, use it to optimize your products and increase your sales. We'll tell you how to do this in this article.

Are you currently launching a new product or perhaps already have several products on the market? You've probably already received some feedback. Some people really like your product. Others still see a need for optimization or – in the worst case – are completely disappointed with your product.

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Feedback doesn’t always have to be devastating and can certainly be constructive. In any case, you should listen to customer feedback. Deal with the reactions to your product and benefit from the positive effect this has on your company. We'll give you three good reasons why you should respond to your customers' feedback immediately.

1. Optimization makes your product better

Especially when you bring a product onto the market that people use in their everyday work, you should listen to the feedback from your customers. It's completely normal if you haven't considered all requirements equally.


Your product may be well thought out, but sometimes you are simply operationally blind. In addition, the processes differ from company to company. People who work with your product every day may notice that this or that doesn't work or doesn't work quite smoothly yet. Take the feedback seriously, address your concerns and optimize your product as it makes sense.

2. Trust for a long-term commitment

The fact that you listen to your customers’ feedback does not go unnoticed. If your customers feel taken seriously by you, this creates a basis of trust. So invest the time to respond to customer requests and criticism. Your customers will thank you, remain loyal to you and perhaps even recommend you to others.

3. Increase your sales

Retaining existing customers is cheaper than acquiring new customers. They also come automatically when word gets out about how good your product is and how satisfied your customers are because you care about them. You can increase your sales simply by responding to feedback about your product.

Customer feedback


Collect and evaluate feedback

Especially with digital products, you shouldn't just collect feedback through your customer service or sales team. Likewise, surveys sent out after use are usually too late to get accurate feedback from your users.

If you use a user feedback solution like the one from Usersnap, you can ask for and collect feedback directly in your digital products. Feedback widgets and screenshooting functionality enable your users to provide precise feedback and thus improve your product.

Your development team will be happy to finally understand exactly what the problem is in the product and your customers will be happy. Win-win so to speak. You can also try Usersnap for free.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2024/04/18/kundenfeedback-optimierung-usersnap/

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