Are you still looking for a Christmas present for someone who wants something for the household? There is certainly nothing new about giving time – because time cannot be replaced. Thanks to ingenious gadgets, recipients will have significantly more time for the things in life that are really fun. With intelligent gift ideas, the household will soon take care of itself. That's why we're introducing you to the best Christmas present 2023 for the household from yeedi!

Smart gift ideas for technology enthusiasts

Nowadays, the world of technology not only knows how to inspire, but can also save time and money. Smart gifts like intelligent radiator thermostats regulate the room temperature when you are out of the house or a window is open. Video doorbells show you who is at your front door before you open it or even get up from the sofa.

The selection is varied and varied. There is something for everyone, no matter how smart your home can or should be.

The best Christmas gift 2023 for the household

What could be nicer than having a little time for yourself and the really important things in life? If you don't know what to give, think about a Christmas gift that will give your loved ones more free time. This way, they can sit back or focus on their hobbies instead of having to deal with annoying household tasks.

The recipient can literally put their feet up when you make them happy with a yeedi Cube vacuum robot. This vacuum robot with mopping function and suction station is almost self-sufficient and only requires a little attention occasionally in order to function.

The yeedi Cube in use (Image: yeedi)

Robot vacuum cleaner with wiping function

With a suction power of 5,100 Pa and powered by a 5,200 mAh battery, the yeedi Cube vacuum robot pounces on crumbs and hair. Any dirt picked up is automatically placed into a corresponding collection container via the emptying system.

The yeedi Cube vacuum robot reliably cleans hard, tiled and marble floors thanks to the integrated wiping function. It works the floor 2,500 times per minute to remove even stubborn dirt. Unlike conventional vacuum robots, the yeedi Cube vacuum robot with wiping function has an extensive water tank with a capacity of 1,000 instead of 200 milliliters. The less often you have to refill water.

The Yeedi Cube cleans itself

Even when it comes to cleaning, the yeedi Cube is not very demanding. It has a self-cleaning function, thanks to which the dirt from the mop ends up directly in the dirty water container and bacteria don't stand a chance. The self-drying function also contributes to hygiene; Hot air at 40°C is used, which removes residual moisture and thus prevents the mop from smelling.

Regardless of how the yeedi Cube vacuum robot with wiping function works, the recipient can devote themselves to everything that is really fun and leave the floor care to the yeedi. Instead of 699.99 euros, the Yeedi Cube currently only costs 529.99 euros. There is also a 35 euro discount voucher available!

Give the yeedi Cube as a gift now


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