With Google Maps you can save a parking space to find your car again. This can be particularly helpful in big cities. We'll show you how it works.

If you are driving and parking in the city, it can be helpful to save the parking space in Google Maps. This can make finding a parking space much easier, especially in unfamiliar places.

Save parking space in Google Maps

To save a parking space in Google Maps, you need to click on your location in the app. This is marked by a blue dot. A tile then opens in which you will find, among other things, the “Save parking space” tab.

By clicking on the button, Google Maps saves the location of your car on the map with a “P” symbol. If you are now on the road, you have the option of selecting your saved parking space in the app so that the route planner can guide you there again.

Save parking space via Android Auto

Previously, a parking space could only be saved manually via Google Maps. But like the online magazine 9to5Google reports, this will also be possible via Android Auto in the future. Accordingly, the system would display a small switch at the destination that automatically saves a location in Google Maps.

The goal screen appears again as soon as a goal has been reached. According to reports, with the new Android Auto function, users will in future also receive a reminder of where their car is. This should appear on the smartphone one day after a vehicle is parked.

As usual, the function will not be available to all users immediately, as Google will probably distribute it gradually. It is still unclear whether it will also be available directly in Germany.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/12/19/google-maps-parkplatz-speichern-und-finden/

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