The topic of artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm. For this reason, more and more experts are dealing with the advantages and disadvantages of the technology. In our weekly ranking we show you the ten best books on the subject of AI.

Artificial intelligence is now almost ubiquitous. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of the technology? And: How does it affect our society? More and more experts are addressing these and other questions. For years now, more and more books have been published that deal with the topic, highlight risks and opportunities and process the results.

The best books on AI

It doesn't matter whether someone is simply curious or wants to delve deeper into the topic professionally: books can be a useful basis for participating in the debate about artificial intelligence. The literature app Blinkist has therefore compiled a list of the best works that deal with the facets of AI.

It is based, among other things, on over 20 million user reviews, various bestseller sources – and on the evaluation of an AI. In the following ranking we show you the ten best books on the subject of AI.

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10th place: blind to the future

The book “Future Blind” by Benedikt Herles lands in tenth place in the ranking of the best books on the subject of AI. The author addresses how we are losing control of progress. In his view, we are witnessing a historical turning point.

Humanity underestimates the impact of the coming changes – be they social, political or societal consequences. The book therefore describes the risks of the technological-scientific turnaround and looks for possible solutions.

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