Drones are fun, they film the entire environment and create unique images. In addition to the many positive aspects, users should always note that failures and accidents can occur. That’s why we’re introducing you to Adam Riese’s drone liability insurance.

Why can a drone be dangerous?

For drone owners, the use of drones leads directly to a double danger: On the one hand, the drone may stop working or the battery may run out during the flight. As a rule, the drone then falls unprotected to the ground and breaks. The cost of repair or replacement is usually very expensive.

On the other hand, it can happen that the drone accidentally damages foreign objects, such as the window or the neighbor’s car. In this case, you as the owner of the drone are obliged to pay for the costs incurred. Depending on the damage, this can be very expensive. In both cases, it makes sense to take out appropriate insurance.

Am I legally required to take out drone liability insurance?

Section 43 (2) of the Aviation Act stipulates that insurance must be taken out for all drones, regardless of their weight. The background is that the use of drones can cause property damage or personal injury.

So if the drone falls out of the air and hits a person who then ends up in the hospital and cannot work, you also have to pay for the loss of salary. Depending on how severe the injuries are, you have to reckon with high costs.

So it is clear why drone liability insurance is mandatory. What many do not know: Many liability insurance policies cover the damage caused by hobby drone pilots. It’s worth taking a look at the tariff here!

What should I look for in my drone liability insurance?

As a first step, you should pay attention to the amount of coverage. The sum insured (often also referred to as the sum insured) is the maximum amount that an insurance company will pay out in the event of damage. If, as already mentioned, personal injury occurs in the event of damage, the costs can even reach into the millions. If you are not the only person who will be flying your drone, it is also important that integrated owner liability is included in your plan.

If damage occurs during a flight unintentionally due to an unforeseen event, such as a crash due to strong winds, you usually have to bear the costs incurred yourself. For this reason, make sure that your tariff includes strict liability so that the insurance company covers the costs in these cases.

Since there are different drone models with different weights, you should also make sure that your insurance covers the maximum weight of your drone. Because your insurance cover can only take effect if the weight of your drone matches the information provided by your insurance company. You can choose between different tariffs.

Drone liability insurance with Adam Riese

Flying your own drone should be fun. But this is only possible if you don’t have to worry about damage and possible high payments.

If you don’t use many different contracts, but would like to have protection in one tariff without any complications, then Adam Riese private liability insurance is suitable as drone liability insurance. Here, drone liability protection of up to three million euros for models up to 5 kilos is already included in the XXL tariff.

Your drone is optimally secured from as little as 2.42 euros per month, not only in Germany but also abroad. Convince yourself now of the Adam Riese private liability insurance and calculate your tariff free of charge.

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