The German-Tunisian start-up Bako Motors has developed a solar cell van that could represent an alternative to classic e-cars. The solar car called “Quorax” should be of particular interest for delivery services and has a range of up to 200 kilometers.

Especially when we drive to the petrol pump these days, one fact becomes particularly clear: we cannot rely on conventionally powered engines forever and ever. Because that makes no economic or environmental sense. Therefore, solutions for electromobility are more in demand than ever.

One more reason why more and more small start-ups are springing up that take advantage of this fact. One of these is Bako Motors. The German-Tunisian start-up wants to put small electric vehicles on the roads worldwide. The idea for this came about on a bicycle.

The roads of the future belong to electromobility

Boubaker Siala and his son Ibrahim actually only wanted to convert their own bike to an e-bike during the corona pandemic. However, the process was so easy for the two of them that they immediately developed a solar-powered van.

This was given the name Qorax and is on three wheels. The solar car has a battery and also promises a range of around 200 kilometers with solar power – provided the sun plays along. Because solar panels are installed on the roof of the Qorax, which also charge the battery while driving.

And if the sun doesn’t shine, the solar small transporter can alternatively be charged at the socket. Charging takes time noisy Bako Motors around two hours.

Solar car: Qorax as a cheap alternative to the electric car?

The special thing about the vehicle is the simplicity of the construction. This saves not only material but also time and therefore reduces costs. The first version should only cost 4,400 euros and could be suitable for metropolises worldwide. The solar car is to be manufactured in a first step in Tunisia. From there the Qorax are to be exported to Germany and other countries.

The market launch is planned for the end of 2022, and the response and feedback on the vehicle should lay the foundation for another vehicle. Because 2023 Boubaker Siala is already planning the next model, this time with four wheels. The Qorax (in German “Sun” or “Sun God”) can already be pre-ordered.

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