Google is currently testing an artificial intelligence that is supposed to write messages. The company is also said to be in talks with major US media outlets. Are many journalists now losing their jobs?

“Genesis”: This is what Google apparently calls an artificial intelligence that should be able to write news and news articles. This is from a report by New York Times (NYT) out.

The US group is already in talks with major media houses like that Washington Postdem Wall Street Journal and the NOW himself.

Does Google want to replace journalists with artificial intelligence?

Genesis is said to be able to capture details about events and generate news content from them. As insiders report, the AI ​​should assist journalists. The aim is to automate processes in order to save time.

The companies considering using Genesis see the product as a responsible technology. The tool can help protect the publishing industry from the pitfalls of generative AI.

News company executives are concerned

As the NOW further reported, however, some executives who saw the Google pitch called Genesis troubling. Two people also said that it seemed that producing news was taken for granted.

Google, in turn, softens the concern with the comment that the AI ​​is still in development. To this end, they work in particular with small news publishers. Genesis is only intended to support journalists in their work.

“The tools should not and cannot replace the essential role of journalists in reporting, creating and fact-checking,” Google continued. However, they might offer options for headlines and other writing styles.

Science sees pros and cons in Google’s artificial intelligence project

New York journalism professor Jeff Jarvis said that Genesis, as described, has potential advantages and disadvantages. If the technology can reliably provide factual information, journalists should use the tool.

However, if abused by them and news organizations on topics that require nuance and cultural understanding, it could damage not only the credibility of the tool, but that of the news organization as well, Jarvis said.

Artificial intelligence has long since arrived in journalism

Sea NOW News organizations around the world are already examining how they can responsibly use artificial intelligence in their newsrooms. The affected human employees have already been informed.

Despite everything, the use of AI in news journalism is nothing new. For example, sets The Associated Press has long used AI to generate stories about topics like corporate earnings. The magazine too CNET gained public attention for using ChatGPT to write articles – at the time, Google still condemned such content as “spam”.

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