The founders Grigory Emelianov, Fabiola Munguia and Branko Džakula were able to collect 3.6 million euros.

Protection against cyber attacks is in the best interests of every founder. But there is also a duty to be defensive. Small and medium-sized companies are also obliged to comply with cybersecurity standards. They are standardized and there are certificates for them: ISO 27001, TISAX, GDPR and SOC 2.

That not only sounds complex and complicated, but it is, especially for smaller companies that have to overcome completely different big problems in their everyday life. Fabiola Munguia, Grigory Emelianov and Branko Džakula know this because they previously operated an “ethical hacking marketplace” called Secfix. They put hackers in contact with companies who searched for security gaps on their behalf. The topic of ISO 27001 certification kept popping up and so the three founders decided to rethink their startup according to classic business modeling thinking (there is a problem, here we offer the solution).

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