A new update allows Samsung users to clone their own voice with the Bixby Text Call feature. The voice assistant can then answer calls for you.

Language assistants have now developed into real all-rounders. For example, Siri integrates perfectly into the Apple universe. The Google Assistant has a huge search engine in the background and Alexa optimizes your shopping experience.

In the meantime, however, there are also other language assistants that are still relatively unknown. One example is Samsung’s Bixby. However, when the company introduced the system five years ago, it didn’t really convince many people.

Research from 2019 assumed that only four percent of Americans regularly interact with Bixby. Nevertheless, Samsung does not give up its own system, as a further development now shows.

Bixby Text Call: New Samsung update for voice assistants

According to Samsung, the latest update for the language assistant also includes new functions. One of them is answering incoming calls with any answer. All you need to do is enter text, which an AI then reads out to the caller. An answer could be something like “I’m on the subway right now, I’ll call you right back”.

The function is not yet available in German, but there is an English-language version of Bixby. The update also provides another new feature. Bixby can now imitate your voice to respond to incoming calls.

Samsung imitates and clones your voice with Bixby

With the “Bixby Custom Voice Creator” you can record different sentences. The artificial intelligence behind Bixby then creates a voice profile. If you then enter a text, the assistant reads it to the caller in your own voice. The function is initially only available in Korea, but could speed up the adaptation of the assistant.

It also remains to be seen whether and to what extent the function will be popular with Samsung users. For some, an imitation of one’s own voice may seem strange. Nevertheless, Samsung impressively demonstrates what is already possible with artificial intelligence.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/02/26/samsung-bixby-text-call-stimme-imitieren/

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