Facebook parent company Meta recently presented its own AI language model. The artificial intelligence LLaMA should therefore represent a ChatGPT alternative. The system is based on billions of data points.

In the large technology groups, a lot has recently revolved around the topic of artificial intelligence. After OpenAI sparked some controversy with ChatGPT and Microsoft decided to build the AI ​​into its Bing search engine, the competition followed suit.

LLaMA: Meta presented its own AI language model

For example, Google reacted with the AI ​​language model “Bard”, which, however, still seems immature. With Meta, the next company is now entering the AI ​​competition. Because on Friday, February 24, 2023, CEO Mark Zuckerberg presented the AI ​​language model LLaMA.

The artificial intelligence is therefore similar to ChatGPT. In addition to creating texts, it is possible to conduct conversations or solve mathematical problems. LLaMA is based on a language model with up to 65 billion data points.

ChatGPT alternative with 65 billion data points

The information for the algorithm comes from the Internet, and according to the company, the system is even better than the competition. Because LLaMA would outperform the GPT-3 used by OpenAI in many areas. Despite this, Meta does not use the system for its own products.

Opposite the news agency Bloomberg the US group announced that the algorithms were not intended for Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. Instead, LLaMA should be available to researchers from the AI ​​field. The first practical examples appear entertaining, but also quite astonishing.

LLaMA writes applications to be a dragon feeder

Because Meta itself asked the system to write an application as a dragon feeder. As strange as this request sounds, the system easily coped with the requirements and wrote an application letter for the Magic Unicorn Corporation.

The system also wrote humorous dialogues in the context of the Seinfeld series. The AI ​​understood aspects that confuse many other AI language models. Meanwhile, Meta shows that it can definitely keep up with Microsoft and Google and is a serious competitor in the AI ​​competition.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/02/27/meta-llama/

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