Smart cleaning devices are ubiquitous today, driven by customer demand and made possible by technological innovations. Introducing the ROIDMI EVA self-cleaning robot vacuum, which will soon be launched in Germany.

As the world’s first self-emptying robot vacuum that automatically cleans the mop, ROIDMI EVA has made its achievements visible to all by raising an industry-leading amount of $1.08M via crowdfunding on Indiegogo, sparking interest and the Shows customer trust in ROIDMI and stimulates further industrial innovations.

To meet customer needs, ROIDMI has integrated innovative functions into the fully featured 5-in-1 ROIDMI EVA robot vacuum: automatic mop washing, automatic mop drying, antibacterial and anti-mold, automatic dust disposal, and vacuuming and mopping.

It has five modes: automatic mop washing, automatic dust removal, vacuum, mop, and vacuum and mop. ROIDMI EVA is an industry-leading robot vacuum in terms of automation, intelligence, cleaning performance and ease of use.

ROIDMI EVA: High quality material against bacteria and mold

The main reason for the significantly improved cleaning performance of ROIDMI EVA are the groundbreaking innovations in the wiping module. ROIDMI EVA features an unconventional way of mopping: two 4-inch HL antibacterial mopping pads scrub the floor down at 180 rpm and 12N force to remove stubborn stains.

And the high-quality material of the mopping pads is resistant to bacteria and mold to avoid possible hygiene risks.

The new self-cleaning robot vacuum from Roidmi

It is known that the cleaning performance decreases with increasing soiling of the mopping pads. ROIDMI EVA is the world’s first manufacturer to implement automatic mop cleaning with the multifunctional Home Station. When the mops get dirty, EVA will automatically dock to the home station and initiate mop cleaning mode.

The mops rotate at high speed to clean themselves, with one 4 liter tank in the station providing clean water and the other collecting waste water. Then the robot continues where it left off. The procedure offers both convenience and good performance. ROIDMI EVA’s home station also offers Turbowind to quickly dry the pads without having to take them off.

High suction power with self-cleaning function

As for suction, ROIDMI EVA has 4 levels of suction, the highest of which is 3,200Pa. Such high suction power can suck up not only debris on the floor, but also dust in deep cracks. ROIDMI EVA also has a self-draining function.

After cleaning, the Home Station empties the robot’s dust bin and stores the waste in the dust bag, so users don’t have to clean the dust bin by hand every day. The antibacterial vacuum cleaner bag of the ROIDMI EVA is 3 liters and lasts for 60 days of house dust.

When it’s full, all you have to do is remove the dust station cover and throw away the dust bag. The vacuum cleaner bag is closed so that no dust mites can be released during disposal. This makes cleaning easier and safer.

The ROIDMI EVA is available now from the Roidmi web store with an MSRP of $1,299.99. The manufacturer has announced that the new vacuum robot will come to Europe in June.

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