All over the world we encounter motifs that make the hearts of amateur photographers beat faster. In this case, enthusiastic photographers usually reach for their mobile phones. But if you want to deepen your knowledge of photography, you shouldn’t just use your cell phone.

An individual representation of the world

Photography depicts the world as it is or not. After all, the personal perspective of photographers is decisive for the perspective and quality of a photo.

However, expensive technical equipment is not the only success factor for a good photo.

A good lens and a good understanding of the technology are much more important.

Photography depicts the world
Photography depicts the world as it is or not | Photo: © New Africa #296981250 –

Tips for a successful start in photography

In general, beginners do not necessarily have to buy an expensive camera. It is much more important to choose a camera that suits personal needs.
Ideally, hobby photographers first inquire about various camera technologies. The choice of camera technology also goes hand in hand with preferred photo motifs.

Don’t spend money in the wrong place

Many photography enthusiasts assume that an expensive camera automatically guarantees high-quality photos. But that is a misconception. The lenses that go with the camera are much more important. Different objects are suitable for different subjects.
While a wide-aperture lens is best for portraits, wide-angle lenses are a better choice for landscapes. Two aspects play an important role when starting out in photography. In the beginning, it is particularly important to let your imagination run wild and to enjoy your new hobby.

It takes a little patience and practice to take photos that correspond to your own wishes and ideas.

The perception of one’s own world and environment is individual. It is therefore important not only to perceive the right lens and the right camera for hobby photography. At the same time, most beginners only develop a feeling for which perspectives are particularly suitable for photography over time.

Kamera Equipment
Many photography enthusiasts assume that an expensive camera automatically guarantees high-quality photos | Photo: © NorGal #282911919 –

Cameras suitable for beginners

SLR cameras require a special mechanism for taking photos. An important role is played by the mirror, which is used inside the camera during photography. We are talking about the so-called mirror reflex, thanks to which the viewing and recording axes are harmoniously coordinated. In addition, SLR cameras are upgraded with a huge image sensor that allows detailed and realistic images.

We recommend the Canon EOS 2000D single-lens reflex camera, which as a digital camera is also upgraded with a lens kit. This lens kit is a special extra that gives amateur photographers a good standard lens and not just the camera body. Another advantage of the Canon device is that the range includes numerous high-quality lenses and these can be combined with different camera bodies. Buying a new camera is therefore not absolutely necessary to use a new lens. A big advantage is the wireless connection via NFC and WLAN to enable direct and wireless transmission of the images to a smartphone or laptop.

Sony system camera

But not only SLR cameras are suitable for high-quality photography. System cameras are a good alternative. In contrast to a single-lens reflex camera, these devices do not have a mirror inside.

Nevertheless, the cameras are well suited to photographing different objects manually.

A high-quality system camera is the Sony Alpha 6000, which can be combined with different lenses.

Lenses suitable for amateur photographers

Experience has shown that a camera body costs more than a lens. However, this money is well spent for hobby photographers, since lenses have a significant influence on the quality of photos. The supplied kit lens is sufficient for beginners.
However, if you want to deepen your knowledge, you should choose one of the following lenses.

camera lenses
Experience has shown that a camera body costs more than a lens † Photo: © lightpoet #67570507 –

Advantages of a telephoto lens

A telephoto lens is a relatively expensive lens whose focal length has a massive impact on the purchase price. Because the greater the focal length of a camera, the closer and more clearly amateur photographers can zoom in on the motifs.

An inexpensive telephoto lens that is suitable for focal lengths of up to 300 millimeters is suitable for beginners.

For example, a good choice is the Sony 55-210mm f/4.5-6.3 telephoto lens.

Advantages of a fast lens

The light intensity of lenses has an effect in several respects. With an aperture setting of 1.8, the photographs that are taken despite poor lighting conditions turn out particularly well. In addition, high-speed lenses facilitate the bokeh effect.
This effect is the popular blurring of the background, often used in portrait photography. Hobby photographers can use the Canon 50 mm f/1.8 lens, for example.

Advantages of a wide-angle lens

A wide-angle lens is well suited for all hobby photographers who mainly want to photograph landscapes. For these lenses, the maximum aperture plays a less important role because photographers rarely shoot landscape shots with open apertures. An ideal device for beginners is the Canon 10-18 mm f/4.5 – 5.6.

Useful accessories to start with

Camera bags are an important accessory for amateur photographers. These bags are ideal for protecting the camera, lenses and other accessories from external influences such as breakage.

The camera bag is particularly important for all hobby photographers who often use the camera on the go.

Important requirements for a good camera bag are enough space and waterproof properties.

More batteries and SD cards

Additional batteries are particularly suitable when travelling. When buying the energy storage, however, it is important to make sure that the camera and the battery fit well together.
In addition, digital cameras work with the help of a memory card on which photographers save the pictures. These memory cards allow photographers to connect to a laptop for easy transfer of photos. Basically, the following applies: the storage capacity must be greater, the more detailed the image resolution and the larger the image file is.


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