According to the Financial Times, Rocket Internet shareholders are set to approve a huge dividend. A large part goes to boss Oliver Samwer, who recently increased his shares.

Oliver Samwer founded Rocket Internet in 2007 with his brothers Marc and Alexander.
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Investment firm Rocket Internet owner Oliver Samwer appears to be paying out a huge annual dividend. As reported by the “Financial Times”, the annual general meeting on Thursday is to decide on the distribution of a total of 315 million euros. Samwers Fonds Global Founders Capital holds about 83 percent of the company and thus gets 260 million euros. The Rocket Internet boss recently increased his majority stake, so the dividend is now significantly higher.

This means that the dividend is six times higher than in the previous year and corresponds to almost the entire balance sheet profit from the 2022 financial year. The record amount can be interpreted as a further sign of a change in strategy at the Berlin company: After withdrawing from the stock exchange in 2020, Samwer, the former to convert a start-up financier into a conservative, primarily profit-oriented investment house. At the time, he bought out most of the shareholders for a comparatively low compensation. For several months he has also been pursuing a radical austerity course, in the course of which the company has been significantly downsized.

Today’s billionaire Oliver Samwer founded the company in 2007 with his brothers Marc and Alexander and made it one of the most successful tech investment companies in Germany. The most successful deals included early-stage investments in the now listed startups HelloFresh and Delivery Hero. After the celebrated IPO in 2014, however, the share price fell quickly and had almost halved at the time of the delisting.

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