Netflix is ​​taking action against so-called account sharing in Germany. Because the streaming provider wants to charge an additional fee for sharing passwords and accounts in the future. But how does Netflix actually want to prevent account sharing – without a fee?

The so-called account sharing is considered a widespread phenomenon on streaming platforms – even beyond one’s own household. But if Netflix has its way, the free sharing of passwords and accounts will soon be over. Because the streaming provider wants to charge an additional fee for account sharing in Germany in the future.

Account sharing: Netflix introduces additional fee in Germany

This was announced by Netflix in an official statement. Accordingly, the company sent emails to users from Austria and Germany who share their accounts with people outside their household.

The content: Netflix will require an additional fee of 4.99 euros per month in the future so that users can add an additional member to their account who does not live with them. The additional fee in Germany costs exactly the same as the advertising-financed Netflix subscription.

Share Netflix account

According to Netflix, users from one household should still be able to access an account without any problems. The same applies to using an account on the go and when travelling.

The streaming provider defines a household as a collection of devices that connect to the Internet where Netflix is ​​used most via an account. In concrete terms, this means that if you stream Netflix via a television, the company apparently assigns all other devices with the same Internet connection to a household.

The streaming provider is now asking its users by email to check which devices are logged into their account. Devices that are not in the same household should therefore be logged out. Netflix also recommends changing the password.

How does Netflix plan to prevent account sharing?

Netflix users who want to use account sharing in Germany beyond their household would have to create a sub-account for the additional fee. However, this is only possible with a Standard or Premium subscription. This option is not available with ad-financed or basic subscriptions.

Again, with the Standard plan, you can add an additional member. At a price of EUR 12.99 plus an additional fee, the bottom line is that the costs are EUR 17.98. Meanwhile, with a premium subscription, up to two additional members can be added. The maximum cost: 27.97 euros.

Netflix users who do not remove members outside of their household or do not pay an additional fee should first receive a warning that they are at risk of being blocked. It is still unclear how quickly the streaming service will take action. In order to prevent account sharing, Netflix wants to record a shared Internet connection via IP addresses. GPS data would not play a role, according to the official tenor.

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