“Everything was better before Corona!” – This statement is often heard. The unforeseen pandemic caused companies and employees to find themselves in a crisis that required a rapid switch to digital work wherever possible. But the regulations and restrictions imposed by the pandemic will not last. A new and important point on the agenda of many companies and top managers is therefore certain: What will work look like after Corona?

Decisions about the “New Normal” are not as trivial as they first appear. Many employees who previously carried out their work face-to-face have discovered the advantages and convenience of mobile working for themselves. Work-life balance opportunities have emerged where none existed before. Businesses, too, have found that being present isn’t the only sign of productivity. Studies show that employees can be quite productive at home, if not more productive than in the office. But can productivity be the only goal and what is productivity anyway?

With all the advantages that this new situation brings with it, for example through remote work, there is also a downside to the coin. Many leaders feel they are losing control of the workforce and some employees feel unsupported and unappreciated at home. Team identities and the feeling of togetherness also begin to shake. For these and many other reasons, it is more time than ever to deal with the question of how people-oriented and good work can be designed in the future.

Possible return-to-office approaches

There are various approaches as to how future work in the company can be designed: remote, hybrid or presence work in offices. Each of these strategies has its own pros and cons. A one-fits-all solution is not an optimal approach and does not represent a strategy that promotes the optimal performance of the organizational task. Internal and external work processes of companies as well as service experiences and an employee-oriented perspective require more than a standard solution. A suitable work-and-experience strategy is required to ensure that the satisfaction and experiences of various stakeholders such as customers, employees and, more than ever, society are positively shaped and harmonized for the future.

Our experts support you competently and passionately in the design and implementation of your post-corona working environment.

Work & Experience W(EX) by CONET

We at Work and Experience W(EX) are an interdisciplinary team that deals intensively and evidence-based with the return-to-office topic in order to support you in the optimal design of your individual strategy.

We are able to carry out a detailed analysis of your entrepreneur, for example using an evidence-based questionnaire, and thus identify factors such as willingness to change, risks or resistance and thus assess the potential for change. Based on the data collected, we work with you to develop a suitable strategy that predicts a high potential for success and takes into account the needs of all identified stakeholders.

As part of the digital transformation, we are happy to support you in implementing this strategy using our structured and evidence-based change management approach. For example, we help you to establish new communication channels for knowledge transfer and to impart the necessary skills for change through training and workshops, among other things. During the entire process, we are at your side with our expertise in order to harmonize the areas of people, organization and technology and thus unfold the optimal potential of the new work.

Photo: Michael Vogel

Michael Vogel works as a consultant at CONET Solutions GmbH and advises partners and customers on the topics of work & experience, new work and digital transformation with a focus on the future of work, organizational development and transformation support.

Source: https://www.conet.de/blog/return-to-office-kompetent-und-erfolgreich-in-die-zukunft/

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