Repairing a defective smartphone can quickly cost a lot of money. But you can also repair the Google Pixel yourself in the future.

Repairing the defective smartphone yourself is often not advisable. But Google now wants to encourage its users to do just that.

The group wants to make it easier to repair your own smartphone with updated repair manuals and more available spare parts.

Repair your Google Pixel yourself – this is how it works

Google says it is investing in “the longevity of our products” with the option of self-repair. The options for DIY repairs should also be improved in the future.

If you want to repair your Google Pixel yourself in the future, you can order original parts from iFixit. You can either have your smartphone repaired there or simply do it yourself.

To achieve this, Google has expanded and redesigned the collection of existing repair manuals. With these you can repair your Pixel yourself.

Analyze problems with the diagnostic app

If you have problems with your Google Pixel, you will be able to start the diagnostic app yourself in the future. This means you can test your device before and after the repair – and also analyze whether your independent repair was successful.

Once you have found the problem using the diagnostics, you can search for a solution on Google's help page. Here you will find information on all repair requests as well as instructions for your own repair.

You can currently download the updated manuals in English and French. In the coming months, Google wants to expand the portfolio and add more repair manuals for older and newer devices.

Repair Mode: Protected Data on Google Pixel

The company has also introduced the pixel repair mode for more data protection during repairs. This is intended to protect privacy during repairs because access to all data is prevented.

Pixel Repair Mode is an important step in protecting privacy and ensuring devices are repaired quickly and efficiently.

In such a case, you don't have to back up all your data before repairing, delete it and restore it later. In the future, you can simply switch on repair mode and then hand your device over to the technicians.

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